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Gizem Gül Uzun

Kayseri Lawyer

It was founded by Gizem Gül Uzun, a lawyer registered to Kayseri Bar Association.

Gizem Gül Uzun graduated from Kayseri Kilim Social Sciences High School and speaks English, French and Ottoman Turkish.

Gizem Gül Uzun provides legal and consultancy services in Kayseri by fully adhering to the principles of integrity, observing the interests of the client, and keeping client secrets.

Gizem Gül Uzun's goal is to work in a result-oriented manner with concrete solutions to problems and to keep her clients informed at every stage.

My Services and Experiences

She has gained experience in Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Banking - Finance Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Health Law, Real Estate and Construction Law, Energy Law, Insurance Law, Criminal Law, Family and Inheritance Law, Trial and Proceedings. since 2018, he has been providing advocacy and legal consultancy services to many individuals, companies and organizations


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